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Varidesk Desktop sit stand desk converter. Sits on top of your desk and allows you to raise your whole setup. I forget which model is is. About 5 years old. Fully functional. Pretty heavy and hard to wrangle alone. I can help you get it to your car but unless you are big and strong you will need help getting it inside. Pickup on Encinal near AHS.
@ 2127 Roosevelt: A high-end (like $500 new) Saeco espresso machine. Needs cleaning inside and out, but the manual with those instructions is in the box, with a few accessories. An Epson Artisan 837 printer--old, but a high-end photo printer. Print head needs cleaning or maybe replacing. A few binders, in the other box. A partly-used bottle of vitamin E. A few cold packs (in the bag) for e.g. a...
One very loved kids dresser, children's books, mechanical keyboard, metal desktop drawers and seat to a swivel office chair.
beautiful large desk with drawers. handmade by previous owner of our house. The desktop is painted canvas backed by wood. 29" tall x 96" wide x 42" deep. It's heavy, but it can be broken into four pieces so that it can be carried by two reasonably strong people. The 96" x 42" top will need to fit in your vehicle.
Really nice desktop. Large. Sturdy. I loaned it to someone and he took off the top. When he reattached the top it stopped working. Might need to do something with control unit (which says SPFE SPZX8-CU on it). I already ran continuity test on the underdesk switch and it seemed fine. Even without going into standing mode, it's a really nice desk and it is currently at a good sitting height. If y...
Does anyone have a carry-on size Hardside suitcase they're looking to get rid of or - let me borrow 10/1-12/11? I'm trying to transport a desktop computer for a show in New York City thanks!
N300 Wireless USB Adapter WNA3100 I'm the original owner of this device and stopped using it when I connected my desktop computer directly to the internet with Ethernet cable.
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