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I m a french student in wine and I will be in SF for 2 month for my studies.. Budget $1,000 per month Accommodation for For myself Ready to move Now. LGBT+ friendly Student Contact Aline
I'm a quiet guy that works from home all day and then I'm usually out for a run most evenings. Hoping to find an affordable room in a clean space. Total budget: $1,200 monthly
I'm looking for a room to rent for while I finish my paperwork of getting out of Military. I plan to stay here in the area for about 6 more months before I relocate to another state. I'm a low-key chill 26 year old male. I don't drink, do drugs, or smoke cigarettes. FYI I'm okay being around smoking and drinking - I have absolutely zero issues with those as long as whoever is partaking are resp...
Looking for an IKEA pine secretary desk. Ideally with an additional piece of cabinet attached on the top. If you have one at home and no longer need it, please text me at (510) 528-3065. Thank you, Annie
Hi looking for sharing room. Total budget: $1,200 monthly
I am a 19 year old software engineer from USC looking for a place to stay during a Summer internship. I am outgoing and want to find a roommate to do things with in the city!. Budget $1,500 per month Accommodation for For myself Ready to move Now. Student Contact Aaron
I am a queer radical in my late 50 s. I am neurodivergent due to HIV related cognitive decline and ADHD. I am mostly seeking a place that is queer friendly households, but I am open to non queer households.. Budget $1,000 per month Accommodation for For myself Ready to move Now. LGBT+ friendly Contact Ted
Two professionals seeking accommodation in The Bay Area. Both social and enjoy cooking and going out for the odd drink on weekends. Both from Ireland. We would also be interested in partnering up with others if possible and finding accommodation together. Total budget: $2,000 monthly
looking for a quiet, clean and respectable place with other people that are the same. Total budget: $800 monthly
I am a professional female aged 28 looking for a room. I am available to move from 02/01/2022 and have a budget of $1200pcm. I would like to share with males or females of any age. Total budget: $1,200 monthly
Hi ! I am looking for your leftover yarn. It could be a whole skein or just a little bit. I'm especially looking for yellow orange green black lavender... Thank you !!
Hi, we need to be out of our house by month's end. Do you have any sturdy boxes and packing materials we could re-use? Thank you!
In desperate need of clothes, shoes and hair products. I've been very depressed lately and have been neglecting my body and hygiene. The worst that I've neglected is my hair. I'm a biracial young woman (19 years old) and I'm hoping that'll give me a boost on my self-esteem. If you're cleaning out or feeling charitable, please message me. (I haven't gotten much clothes or hair products or any sh...
Does someone have a fondue pot I can borrow? I want to have fondue for my birthday :)
Hi all I am a student working on a side project and I am in search of any amount of books but large quantities are accepted. Any books you have cluttering up your home that you are willing to spare would be appreciated! I have no parameters for type of books so whatever you have is great. I am planning to use a large number but any that I do not use will be donated to the school department that...
Looking for a full size bed frame or box spring in good condition.
Looking for a large used tire to fill with concrete and use as a tetherball base. Or a portable tetherball base or other solution. I have the pole and ball. I just need something portable that will secure it in place.
New Years resolution time. Looking for a vertical climber and a spin bike.
Looking for any of the above--for terrarium or potting soil. I can pick up. Thanks!
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